We're an Extension of the School Day


We're not a babysitter. Each week, in addition to the fantastic art and amazing STEAM building projects we create,  we also teach students  key educational concepts.  In art,  we challenge  your child: learn  how to shadow, create horizon lines, and incorporate what they want into the project.    Eager Engineers, each week introduces and discusses a new engineering, math, or science concept- like fulcrums, inclined planes, simple machines and more.  Then we apply those concepts into the Lego/K'Nex/Citibloc building project.    Our goals are simple: to create a positive, stress free environment and discover than learning is fun.


Hands on Learning

All of our classes- Eager Artists,  Eager Engineers,  Stitches Sewing-  use Hands on Learning.  This approach is perfect for auditory and tactile learners,  because they learn by doing it  themselves. We encourage that,  because  learning how to do something is more important than the finished product.

Mistakes are OK

Who doesn't  make a mistake?  Our instructors are trained to share their mistakes in the classroom, so  when your child makes a mistake, no problem!  Just  work through it and, usually, the end result turns out even better than expected. 

Creativity Rules

You want to color a pumpkin blue?  No problem.  Want to add some rain clouds in the sky? No problem.  Want to  add a suspension bridge to  your Lego Taj Mahal?  No problem.   We want your child to unleash their inner creativity in our classes.  We love  when every child's project is different than the others.

Create a Love of Learning

Our goal: to help your child learn something new,  and have fun doing it.