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because every day has creativity in it

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 Never boring, we use over 20 different mediums in a 10-week session, the kind not usually found or used during the school day.  We use Prismacolor Markers, Colored Pencils & Art Stix,  Charcoal, Watercolors, Polymer and Air Dry Clay,  Collages, Scratch Art, and more.

Projects Don't Repeat

We offer a wide variety of engaging, fun projects each school year.  Sometimes we draw; sometimes we make a collage; and of course, a clay project.  Our projects never repeat, so your child will take home a new project every week that keeps them engaged and excited to learn.  

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Mistakes are OK

We teach art and drawing in a step-by step method that allows for mistakes, and promotes self-confidence and builds esteem. Over the years, our best art projects all began with a mistake.  Our goal is to have everyone's project unique, different, and amazing.

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